2018 County Convention Report

Convention Report:

(Waynesville NC) Thanks to all who came out to attend the 2018 Haywood County Republican Convention. I think we all agree it was a well-organized successful event with over 100 people in attendance. A special ‘Thank You’ to all the volunteers that made it work. We could not have done it without each and every one of you.

The Reception provided a great time to mingle and make new friends. The food was delicious. A lot of people pitched in to make it happen. The Annex was jam-packed with all the people that purchased tickets. They were essential to the overall success.

Our treasurer reports that we were able to cover the costs of the Convention with our Reception Receipts. The Convention is typically one of our largest expenditures of the year! Good work everybody.

The Greeters did a great job welcoming people as they arrived, selling tickets for the Reception and orienting the Convention-goers to the process of registration. The Credentials Committee created a smooth check-in process. The Convention was very efficiently organized and completed all the business in record time. We adjourned just after 3:30 pm.

The attendees got to hear from many of our Republican candidates including Congressman Mark Meadows. I know who I am voting for!

The staff at the Colonial Theater was very helpful and the venue worked well.

Check out the Mountaineer for photos of the busy Convention Activities.

Thank you for supporting the Haywood County Republican Party.

Ken Henson

While the upbeat Republican Convention was engaging in expanding the Haywood County conservative base - the Democrats were holding their pancake breakfast and convention. Their policies have been explained at the Democrats Convention as... ""Many people say the time of the Democratic party, especially in places like Haywood County is over," he said. "They say the ideas we believe in, the policies we advocate, and the people we stand up for are out of touch or dangerous or weak." http://cqrcengage.com/holiday/app/document/27451607;jsessionid=kbpaw7t54chz1urvoih839n4e