Women's Security Class

Pat Taylor presented:


  1. Take time to look around. Act like you are looking for snakes.
  2. Do not put anything in your purse that you cannot live with out. It is not worth getting hurt to protect your purse. Keep a copy of your drivers license, social security, and credit cards in a safe place - not in your purse.
  3. Install motion detection lights and possibly an alarm system.
  4. Stop and take time to use your eyes. Look around before leaving the car or the building. Look people in the eye – do not back down.
  5. Travelling – do not stop at rest areas at night.
  6. Do not run out of gas. If you have a flat tire – call for help. Maybe invest in AAA road side service.
  7. Keep doors locked in your car and at home.
  8. Do not get your wallet out at the stop light t give cash to a pan-handler. Keep your window up.
  9. Walking – Do not put ear buds in your ears while walking. Walk in a well lit area at night. Do not walk by yourself.
  • Getting gas – have the money or card in your pocket before getting out – lock all doors except the drivers side. Stand with your back to the car looking out. Do not stand with your back to the pump and other people.
  • No billfolds in back pocket.
  • Try not to go shopping at night alone.

If you get in a bad situation:

  1. Use the panic button in the parking lot.
  2. Call him son. Ask if he is from around here.
  3. Do not fight a gun or a knife.
  4. If no weapon is present – then use your keys placed between you fingers in a fist. Use the ley to hit and jab in the eye.
  5. Pepper spray – keep it handy. Spray in the face and run the other way.
  6. Flash light carry at night.
  7. If you get grabbed around neck – get air by pulling on the elbow. Get one finger and pull hard… then go limp. As you go limp and go down, hit them in the groin with your elbow. The elbow is very strong.
  8. Hit the side of the knee or the top of the foot. Kick as hard as you can in the knee.

For your children:

  1. Send to get self-defense training – to build their confidence.
  2. Do not be polite.